The door of suffering seems to be the most popular one, but it’s doesn’t have to be that way. I entered this field through curiosity. My internal guidance system led me here. And luckily, when suffering came to me, I had already learnt the tools and skills to create resolutions.

Spirituality can potentially be a big coping mechanism people use to avoid their pain. The goal of this kind of spiritual practice is to eradicate negativity and to go towards light and positivity. This may work for a period of time until you hit the ‘nothing-ever-works’ phase.

The time has come to integrate and merge. When shadow encounters the light of consciousness (conscious attention), it ceases to be shadow. The path of spirituality/enlightenment is the path of integration. It takes courage and commitment, and as a person who is walking on this path, I would say it’s totally worth it!

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