Scrolling down the screen, I saw a post about the relation between spiritual practice and romance. The concept presented in that post is that every partner you encounter is there to ‘test’ your level of spiritual practice. This is a common Buddhist attitude: strict, disciplined, attached to the non-reactive perfection (being good and better).

We have turned spiritual practice into something else. It’s become a tool to abuse ourselves and others emotionally. It’s become a competition and a test that we are set up to fail because emotions, whether positive or negative, are inevitable in our lives.

That’s why the social atmosphere in this circle is so stressful. We are expected to be in positive state, especially being peaceful, and in alignment all day every day!

Everyone keeps looking for mistakes in each other and chances to point them out! This is spiritually justified shaming!

The time has come to be conscious of our motives for doing all these practices. Are we trying to be more lovable? Are we trying to surpass others, if so, why? Are we trying to ‘fix’ ourselves because we think we are not good enough and there’s always another flaw to be dealt with?

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong or good or bad. These perceptions are relative and differs from perspective to perspective.

We are innately lovable and worthy. Do you want to set yourself free to experience this?

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