The recent theme of my healing is value, significance/worthiness and receiving of love. Life is composed of relationships, especially relationships with other people. I went through the history of all of my relationships, with my family, my friends and my partners. I feel so much compassion for them. I relate to them, even if some of them have deeply hurt me before. And the irony in my romantic relationships is, the most wounded, disconnected and traumatised partner I’ve had, was raised by two renowned healers/spiritual teachers.

Most of us think we grew up in a ‘normal’ family. We think dysfunctional home is the rarity. Most of us think we don’t suffer from childhood ‘trauma’. But it’s not the rarity, and ALL of us suffer from childhood trauma, even if we have the most loving parents possible.

Dysfunctional home is currently the norm in human society. Childhood trauma is a fact of life right now. Most parents nowadays don’t know how to parent healthily, especially on the emotional level. Why? Because parents weren’t raised healthily with secure attachment figures and unconditional presence themselves, and we have created a society where parents don’t have the necessary support network for the task of parenthood.

This is heartbreaking, but there’s hope. More and more of us are realising the problem and starting to create change. Children born today are different. They are born with more clarity, wisdom and awareness. And it is through the collaboration of parents, children, teachers and the rest of us in society that the world we live in will fundamentally change.

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