I finished watching this controversial interview featuring Jordan Peterson, and my reactions to this interview were interesting and surprising to me. I was actually more triggered by the female interviewer because she mirrors my mother when she is totally triggered and completely loses the capacity to understand my perspective and keeps projecting on me. Contrary to my expectation, I actually relate to and understand Jordan’s perspective (we cope the same way, by developing a personality that is highly mental), and so I wasn’t really triggered by him. Watching their conversation was painful because there was no merging of realities or attunement at all.

Gender inequality is a reality because the current society values traits inherent in masculine energy more, and as a result the society is in favour of men because it’s easier for men to exhibit masculine traits, and women need to work much harder to compensate for that since female physical embodiment isn’t built for that type of environment.

We shouldn’t fight for equality because equality is an illusion, instead we should strive for awareness and love, so we won’t see the negative manifestation of inequality. We are not always equal because we are not born the same, and we are not born to be good at every job in society. We have different talents and personality traits and preferences. The issues are we are trying to fit ourselves into jobs that we are not naturally good at, and especially jobs in which the well-being of the employees isn’t being considered.

The issues are how the system/society has been structured; it has been structured in a way that DOES NOT allow for any vulnerability, cycles, sickness, basically any form of instability that will threaten the stability of performance. The society/system has been structured in a way that FORCES people to FRAGMENT and SUPPRESS parts of themselves in order to succeed professionally and financially. This creates all kinds of illnesses. This forces parents to traumatise and fuel the fragmentation in their children. This entire structure keeps people’s fight or flight response on all the time. We need policies like unconditional basic income to ensure everyone’s survival, so the workplace won’t be unhealthily competitive.

The absurdity of human societal structure is the result of our species being completely out of sync with the cycles and signals within ourselves (emotions especially) and the cycles and signals in the external environment like seasons. Over the years, humans and the survival of this species have become less and less dependent on listening to the rhythm of their body and emotions (by using all sorts of addictions and drugs), less and less dependent on attuning to the shift occurring in nature (creating technology that works AGAINST nature). The addiction to INDEPENDENCE is how we’ve got here!!!!

By becoming extremely separated and independent from internal and external changes, we’ve lost touch with how synchronicity works, so we use rigid force and control (like work schedule) to make sure we will ‘make it happen’. The suppression and rejection of feminine energy in human race are the root cause of human suffering today.

We should not fight for equality in this current system not only because it will never happen, but because the equality actually upholds this system that fragments and destroys us all. It’s like competing for who can kill faster. Women are like the canary in the workforce. ALL people are suffering because this system is NOT conducive to human health, and women are more demonstrative because female system is less capable of tolerating toxic environment!! It’s not because females are weak. It’s because female system is more delicate and requires more care! Women are not less capable or less talented or less in value because of female cycle and the ability to give birth.

Society SHOULD be designed according to these needs if we want all members of our society to live healthily and happily. If women collapse, men and children collapse too.

If we design our society according to the needs of the most sensitive people, we will have a society that is healthy and beneficial to all. It’s time to stop adhering to the expectations in the current system. Create a new one to replace it, and it starts with listening to women’s needs and meeting those needs!

Divine Feminine Activation by Teal Swan


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