What drew you to my work? What inspired you to want to work with me?

I went through your website and found resonance with my child experiences and yours when someone from Facebook recommended me your name. I was quite intrigued by similarities in of events and trauma I had in common with you. The thing was clear. If you went through the similar experiences than it would be easier to communicate what I am going through and it would easier for you as well to understand me energetically.

How was your experience working with me? Did you receive any insights or aha moments?

My experiences was fascinating. I was inspired by the capacity for holding space and being a container. I was amazed by your ability to put forth viable alternatives and during our consultations, including practical insights for resolving mundane problems in a creative way. My last session was mind boggling as I was able to reveal the part I was ignoring since I don’t know how many years, this made me mindful of ways our coping mechanisms work in subtle ways. I deeply appreciate you for this and have no words how thankful and I am to you. You were always available and patient, ready to answer whatever questions I had. Time wise you were never stringent and was always flexible, even if the session went beyond agreed upon time slot. I wish you bestest of my wishes and send energies for whatever you want to manifest in your life 😊🙏❤️

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