We often avoid something thinking ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘It’s so/too difficult’ or ‘it takes so/too much work/energy/time’.

Apart from the scenario where we genuinely don’t want to do something, this avoidance and these thoughts and beliefs that arise when encountering certain commitments, are a reflection of our trauma of being forced to accept (swallow something we don’t want) and go through the experience that’s genuinely too difficult for us either really beyond our capacity (those failed tests for example…) or the extremely distressing uncertainty of whether we can do it/will fail or not (freaking out about the consequences of failure…).

Our dream careers trigger this entire conditioning the most. If we look at what our goals and commitments actually require us, we usually find that they are not as difficult/impossible as we previously think. What makes us think that way, is trauma. We can always break huge projects into tiny, little, easy-to-achieve steps. We can make following through a relaxing and allowing practice. Creating the healing opposite experience of ease relative to our work or any commitment we aspire to achieve.

Like how Marie Forleo always says, ‘everything is figureoutable’! I love this talk so much! 😆❤️

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