Saturn aspects really have influences over me in a profound way. Both my natal Venus and Mars square my natal Saturn. I used to only perceive the restrictive/perfectionistic effects (procrastination) Saturn has, but now I see it also makes a person have VERY high standards to the detriment of the person. I literally was oblivious to the ‘little’ ways I am providing value to this world.

Saturn influences in the natal chart can make it difficult for the person to perceive value in themselves and what they create and offer to the world. This manifests relationship problems like abandonment trauma and being a match to emotionally and/or physically unavailable partner. This also manifests money issues because money is a symbol for value, and if we don’t perceive ourselves and our offerings to be valuable, we won’t put ourselves out there at all (not going after our dreams staying stuck in the job we hate, not marketing ourselves/our businesses etc.) or we offer too many discounts that make us feel self-sacrificed and undervalued.

But Saturn influences also make a person committed and willing to do the necessary work to achieve what they desire. Saturn brings structure and stability to the person and what they create. Long-term relationships often have important Saturn aspects in their synastry.

Running a business is just as effective as having a close relationship with a person for self awareness and integration. To have a successful business and/or relationship, shadow work is absolutely required. Recognise your value in various forms no matter how small you think it is. What you think as not valuable might just be a treasure for another person!

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