My name is Luna, and this is my story. I was born and grew up in Taipei City, Taiwan, a country suffering from the loss of identity politically, culturally and emotionally. I came into a family that didn’t expect me and didn’t want me subconsciously. As a result, I suffered intense emotional neglect living in a glass prison, a torture chamber of isolation, void of mirroring. I was raised by my grandmother and aunt, and neither of them speaks the primary love language I came in with. I don’t even speak the same language as my grandmother did. There was no belonging or emotional safety in the constantly opposing and defensive atmosphere.

My parents were absent in the formative years of my childhood development. The adults around me didn’t understand what a child needs in order to grow and become an emotionally healthy and happy adult. I was unattuned by the caregivers in my childhood, and I coped with this pain by disconnecting from them; this is the main coping mechanism I use throughout my life, and it is my sincere desire that one day no one needs to disconnect to cope with the disconnection on this planet.

Being born extrasensory, I was a very sensitive child both physically and emotionally, and my family didn’t know how to raise a child like that, so I felt miserable through my entire childhood. I showed interest in spirituality from a very young age without any encouragement from my family, and the rapid rate of my growth made it difficult to relate to my peers, so I was isolated in both family and schools, until I left the education system to dedicate myself entirely to self-directed learning. Belonging is an important theme in my life, and I am still in the process of creating it.

The emotional neglect I suffered in childhood freed me from many social expectations because I couldn’t get love even if I tried everything. I opted out of conventional education system when I was 14, and that marked a critical turning point in my healing process. My curiosity was unleashed and set free. With the freedom of space and time, I could choose whatever I wanted as the subject of learning. I fell in love with sociology, anthropology and psychology, and I turned back towards spirituality delving into human shadows and applying universal principles deliberately in my life. I found my strength and built my home in the deep water called subconscious mind.

This process has led me to people, places and opportunities that enabled me to uncover my true essence, the authenticity of my being. I realised our personalities are coping mechanisms developed to adapt to childhood environment; our consciousness fragmented into multiple protector personalities and vulnerable personalities, and true lasting healing is the result of the integration of our fractured consciousness and the integration of our mind, body and heart, which each represents thoughts, matter (physicality) and emotions/feelings.

As a spiritual guide and a visionary, the following is the focus of my teachings and main objectives:

• Conscious Parenting

• Positive World Change

• Unity

There are many aspects of conscious parenting. What I specialise in conscious parenting is using what your children trigger inside you to gain self awareness and integrate your childhood trauma, so your relationships with your children, partner and everything in your life will dramatically improve.

Children are born calling parents forward to achieve and line up with their expansion. Children come to liberate parents from their anchors in the past, so parents can fully live in alignment with their authentic self, their true desires, and with this level of awareness, the conscious collaboration between parents and children can completely and fundamentally shift our society creating lasting positive change and genuine unity in humanity.

Here are my specialities and passions as a spiritual guide and a Completion Process Certified Practitioner (accredited through International Coach Federation):

• Orphan Trauma (Emotional trauma of being an orphan in childhood and adulthood)

• Emotional Neglect (The trauma caused by the absence of what is needed, Inner void/Emptiness)

• Grief (Loss trauma, Death of loved ones, Heartbreak, Relationship Breakups)

• Self Love (Self Approval, Self Acceptance, Self Appreciation, Healthy personal boundaries/Healthy ego, Softness)

• Enmeshment Trauma (Non-existence, Self discovery, Self expression, Rejection trauma, Fear of self disclosure and closeness)

• Belonging & Loneliness & Isolation

• Success (Commitment issues, What’s in the way of your success)

• Relationship Issues (Fear of Relationships, Insecure Attachment Styles, Safety In Relationships)

• Insignificance Trauma (Invisibility/Being ignored)

• Needs Related Trauma (being denied of/shamed for your needs and having needs, feeling guilty and powerless to have your needs met by others or yourself, The surety/consistency/security of your needs being met with love and softness)

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