My Concept Of Shame

I was exploring my concept of shame—what trait I hate (the badness I want to get rid of) and as a result want to avoid the most. What I found is surprising also unsurprising to me. It’s ‘self-centredness’. There’s a giant rift within me, the self that exists and exhibits her existence and the self that wants to get rid of herself and be invisible. The rift occurred because the subconscious message my family kept giving me when I was a child is ‘I don’t want you to exist’.

很吵、很煩、很討厭。The translation in English is ‘annoying’, but I feel that it doesn’t catch the essence of their perception of me. Basically it’s a contant message of ‘I want to get rid of you’. Not just some aspects of you, your entirety. Stop existing.

This is so painful because I am not the type of person/child who can suppress myself. My nervous system is constantly overloaded. I can’t stop myself even if I want to. I want to be silent and invisible, but I can’t.

The only way I can ease the friction between these two parts is when I am at home alone because there won’t be any problem with being self-centred since I am the only one existing in that space. How sad is this. Aloneness has become my coping mechanism to avoid feeling self hate and shame. No wonder I need so much alone time.

We can see the main rift in our personalities through our astrological natal charts. Especially the relationship between your sun sign and your moon sign. My sun sign is Sagittarius, and my moon sign is Virgo. They are not in a precise square aspect, but it’s painful enough for me.

My sun, moon and Mercury (Sagittarius, and forming a square with my moon) are all mutable signs, and this means thoughts and emotions spiral fast whether it’s positive or negative. It’s a great challenge to integrate all of them and learn how to harness them.

Neptune Retrograde, Seeing The Reality

This particular Neptune retrograde (in my 1st house…my ascendant is Aquarius though) has pierced to the core of my ego. It has uprooted the most painful core belief I’ve found so far. This belief of ‘love isn’t real’, this betrayal, is what set it all in motion. My main coping mechanism, my avoidant/disorganised attachment style, my distrust towards humans, my heart walls, my hopelessness and despair and complete loss of faith in humans. This belief is the basis of my ‘personality’ which is mostly the adaptation of my childhood experience/trauma.

It’s unbelievable how I found this belief. No major conflict happened. I was quite composed in fact, but something died inside. Two minor triggers at different times. The process of uncovering the depth of this belief lasted for a few days. I was attempting to do parts work and CP on it when I first became aware of it, but I felt stuck and out of alignment. I felt there’s something more, and here it is, a reality collapse.

I am re-experiencing how and why I withdrew from connections in the earliest years of my life, but this time I am choosing to go through the process consciously with my free will. I am not forcing myself to create resolution immediately after a rupture happens. I am not rushing to harmony. I want to be present with my feelings unconditionally, not putting any time constraint. My grief and hopelessness deserve my unconditional presence.

The pouring rain outside is a cleansing for the city, also for my being and my heart.

We Are All Survivors Of Childhood Trauma

The recent theme of my healing is value, significance/worthiness and receiving of love. Life is composed of relationships, especially relationships with other people. I went through the history of all of my relationships, with my family, my friends and my partners. I feel so much compassion for them. I relate to them, even if some of them have deeply hurt me before. And the irony in my romantic relationships is, the most wounded, disconnected and traumatised partner I’ve had, was raised by two renowned healers/spiritual teachers.

Most of us think we grew up in a ‘normal’ family. We think dysfunctional home is the rarity. Most of us think we don’t suffer from childhood ‘trauma’. But it’s not the rarity, and ALL of us suffer from childhood trauma, even if we have the most loving parents possible.

Dysfunctional home is currently the norm in human society. Childhood trauma is a fact of life right now. Most parents nowadays don’t know how to parent healthily, especially on the emotional level. Why? Because parents weren’t raised healthily with secure attachment figures and unconditional presence themselves, and we have created a society where parents don’t have the necessary support network for the task of parenthood.

This is heartbreaking, but there’s hope. More and more of us are realising the problem and starting to create change. Children born today are different. They are born with more clarity, wisdom and awareness. And it is through the collaboration of parents, children, teachers and the rest of us in society that the world we live in will fundamentally change.

Weekly Soul Cards Reading: February 12th – February 18th


【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: February 12th – February 18th】


This week, many people are celebrating Chinese New Year. It’s especially important to connect to your core when the environment around you is chaotic. It’s a good time to practise mindfulness meditation. Feel your body, observe your thoughts and emotions. Let yourself feel calm. Rejuvenate and release resistance. In the mood of festivity, start thinking about your current state of being. From this vibrational place, to know what you don’t want and what you do want. Have a clear action plan and execute!

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Weekly Soul Cards Reading: February 5th – February 11th


【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: February 5th – February 11th】


Embrace your fears, surrender, release the pressure of resisting and defending, face your unsavoury shadows. Stop letting unconscious impulses dominate and limit yourself. The impulse to hurting others is natural. Aggression is our instinct, and it’s not negative or bad; they exist because of self preservation and protection. Through feeling these feelings, find out why you feel the urge to defend yourself. Who has harmed you in the past, especially in your childhood? How did they hurt you? Give yourself the permission to feel angry and make proactive changes for yourself. Break free from other people’s fearful control. Reclaim your freedom and autonomy!

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Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 29th – February 4th


【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 29th – February 4th】


Self expression comes in many forms; it isn’t always verbal. Sometimes it’s abstract, sometimes it’s concrete. There are countless ways and media we can use to tell the world who we are, how we think and how we feel. From the conception of an idea to the completion of a project, we immerse in the creative process, so intensely focused we lose track of time. We’re completely in the flow. This kind of quality of attention brings efficiency and productivity, but neither is the result of effort. Real and consistent efficiency and productivity come from inspiration and the internal alignment of aspects of self.

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Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 22nd – January 28th


【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 22nd – January 28th】


Have you spoken your internal truths, your true feelings, true thoughts and true perceptions? Do you consciously know your internal truths, your true feelings, true thoughts and true perceptions? Bravely admit to them and explore them! Your authenticity, your various aspects of self, every one of them is equally important, equally meaningful and valuable, and equally valid! You are important!

#lunaalchemistoflife #4 #weeklyreading #tarot #soulcards #2018 #january #truth #authenticity #real #thoughts #feelings #perspectives #expression #known #valued #valid #important #heard #vulnerability #bravery #heart #consciousness #awareness

Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 15th – January 21st


【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 15th – January 21st】


Love needs to be expressed, known and felt. Express your love to your friends and family. Let them feel how much you love and care about them. Maybe you are thinking about each other simultaneously! People are interconnected on the deeper emotional and energetic level. Let’s make this interconnection obvious and consciously known!

#lunaalchemistoflife #3 #weeklyreading #tarot #soulcards #2018 #january #love #expression #known #felt #loved #friends #family #care #connection #interconnected #emotional #heart #energetic #consciousness #awareness

Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 8th – January 14th


【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 8th – January 14th】


Face the pain we’ve suppressed and buried deep in the subconscious mind for so long, so we can weave the future free from the shadow of the past. Spend some time in solitude to observe the heart and the internal world. Ask ourselves: what are my true thoughts? What are my true feelings? Why do I have these thoughts and feelings? Going through the fog of pain, the hope lies in our authenticity.

#lunaalchemistoflife #2 #weeklyreading #tarot #soulcards #2018 #january #clarity #hope #authenticity #real #thoughts #feelings #shadowwork #subconscious #pain #suffering #innerjourney

Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 1st – January 7th


【Weekly Soul Cards Reading: January 1st – January 7th】



Happy New Year, everybody! The first week of 2018 is full of vitality, even hectic sometimes. Get clear on your priorities. Focus on your creation. With healthy personal boundaries, bring your dreams into realities! Find out what you really want and move forward to it!

2018 is imbued with grounding creative energy, a brand new phase in life!

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