The Valuable Saturn

Saturn influences in the natal chart can make it difficult for the person to perceive value in themselves and what they create and offer to the world. This manifests relationship problems like abandonment trauma and being a match to emotionally and/or physically unavailable partner. This also manifests money issues because money is a symbol for value, and if we don't perceive ourselves and our offerings to be valuable, we won't put ourselves out there at all (not going after our dreams staying stuck in the job we hate, not marketing ourselves/our businesses etc.) or we offer too many discounts that make us feel self-sacrificed and undervalued.



Enduring & Inaction: The Poison Killing You & Society

The way we grew up, how we have been parenting children for so many generations as a species, is the root cause of why we have unconsciously created a society no one wants to live in and is detrimental to other species on Earth and our natural environment. We don’t commit to proactive change if we believe it’s painful and impossible, especially when immediate ramifications are perceived like losing our incomes or losing people we are emotionally attached to or losing belonging. Even if we consciously want to commit to proactive change, we often fail to do so because we haven’t unhooked ourselves from these often subconscious negative core beliefs inhibiting us.

To Trust or Not To Trust?

It is painful to be untrustworthy. Betraying others is actually a reflection of one’s own self betrayal because people in our lives are mirrors of our internal fragments. Being untrustworthy is to be separate from ourselves and others, and separation is the root of suffering. Failed relationships with others are mirroring our failed relationships with ourselves. We need to live with ourselves for the totality of our life on earth. It needs to be a conscious choice for us to be truly committed to trust, to self awareness, to integration and responsibility. Trust, and love, needs to be a choice we make with our free will. In trust and love, we are free.

The ‘Difficult’ Illusion & Perception

Our dream careers trigger this entire conditioning the most. If we look at what our goals and commitments actually require us, we usually find that they are not as difficult/impossible as we previously think. What makes us think that way, is trauma. We can always break huge projects into tiny, little, easy-to-achieve steps. We can make following through a relaxing and allowing practice. Creating the healing opposite experience of ease relative to our work or any commitment we aspire to achieve.

Love Is Real… But Not Constant

It is my promise to myself and the people in my life that I strive to love unconditionally and am always in the practice of unconditional love… I’m always in the practice of getting closer to full integration which is unconditional love. Even with my enemies, with my resistance and hatred, I face all of them and get closer to all of them… I am also in the process of loving them. Loving them and loving myself are identical...

Testimonial: Sohail Bawani

My experiences was fascinating. I was inspired by the capacity for holding space and being a container. I was amazed by your ability to put forth viable alternatives and during our consultations, including practical insights for resolving mundane problems in a creative way.

My Rejection Trauma

I was exploring a minor trigger this evening and came to this realisation that blew my mind. I've been a match to rejection trauma triggers in social situations constantly throughout my life, and recently it even showed up in one of Teal’s interviews.

Gender Split: Confusion & The Pain of Being A Woman

This Ask Teal episode stirred up something interesting... The loudest pain (a different part) other than confusion is ‘I can’t be a man’. No matter how hard I try, I will never become a man. I will always be more vulnerable. The pain of our differences/deficiencies as females being taken advantage of. The pain of being the weaker one on the physical level. The pain of always feeling unsafe and hard in public space. The part compensating for the part wanting traditional gender roles is SO relatable. It’s canvassing how every woman feels!!!