Enduring & Inaction: The Poison Killing You & Society

The way we grew up, how we have been parenting children for so many generations as a species, is the root cause of why we have unconsciously created a society no one wants to live in and is detrimental to other species on Earth and our natural environment. We don’t commit to proactive change if we believe it’s painful and impossible, especially when immediate ramifications are perceived like losing our incomes or losing people we are emotionally attached to or losing belonging. Even if we consciously want to commit to proactive change, we often fail to do so because we haven’t unhooked ourselves from these often subconscious negative core beliefs inhibiting us.

To Trust or Not To Trust?

It is painful to be untrustworthy. Betraying others is actually a reflection of one’s own self betrayal because people in our lives are mirrors of our internal fragments. Being untrustworthy is to be separate from ourselves and others, and separation is the root of suffering. Failed relationships with others are mirroring our failed relationships with ourselves. We need to live with ourselves for the totality of our life on earth. It needs to be a conscious choice for us to be truly committed to trust, to self awareness, to integration and responsibility. Trust, and love, needs to be a choice we make with our free will. In trust and love, we are free.

My Rejection Trauma

I was exploring a minor trigger this evening and came to this realisation that blew my mind. I've been a match to rejection trauma triggers in social situations constantly throughout my life, and recently it even showed up in one of Teal’s interviews.

My Parentification Wound

I’ve been doing shadow work and parts work about parentification trauma recently, and here’s the story. I feel very sad after writing out the story, especially about the insecurity of physical abandonment. How sad is this. No wonder I relate to orphans and adoptees... And I now understand how deeply the enmeshment trauma affected me. I fought so hard not to be enmeshed.

We Are All Survivors Of Childhood Trauma

The recent theme of my healing is value, significance/worthiness and receiving of love. Life is composed of relationships, especially relationships with other people. I went through the history of all of my relationships, with my family, my friends and my partners. I feel so much compassion for them. I relate to them, even if some of them have deeply hurt me before. And the irony in my romantic relationships is, the most wounded, disconnected and traumatised partner I’ve had, was raised by two renowned healers/spiritual teachers.