What we do in a consultation: exploration and understanding of the subconscious mind (beliefs, emotions, needs etc.), parts work, channelling (I take on the energy of your internal parts). I will apply the specific tools in the session according to your needs (what works best).

Shadow work is any type of work which helps an individual become aware of and create shifts in the subconscious mind. It’s the process of integrating the subconscious mind into the conscious mind. It’s exploration of unknown dimensions of the self.

Parts work is the process of understanding the multiple personalities (selves) within us in order to achieve a state of coherence and integration. Understanding of different personality fragments within us is the key to a peaceful and fulfilling life. We will offer our unconditional presence and compassion to different polarised aspects within us with an open and non-judgemental attitude. We will approach them with curiosity. We will ask them questions to understand what they think, how they feel and what they need and want. Everything that comes up is valid and important. Through parts work, we become self-aware and receive insights about what to do to improve the quality of our lives.

Location: Worldwide. I am available on Zoom.

Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin Chinese

Available Time: My current time zone is UTC+8 (Taipei City, Taiwan), 12pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Time zone converter please click here.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: €100 per session, 30-min free initial consultation available.

Booking Sessions In Package: 3 sessions (once per week), €270

Before booking sessions, please read through the liability waiver to decide if you agree what is stated. Proceeding to engage in sessions with Luna is consenting to what is stated in this liability waiver.

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