The Completion Process is an emotional healing technique developed by Teal Swan which capitalises on any trigger we have within our embodiment. We dive deep into our emotions and fully feel the somatic experience to integrate with the aspects of us which we have suppressed long ago. We reverse the process of dissociation which causes fragmentation in our consciousness.

Through becoming aware of and integrating with our subconscious aspects, we shift our points of attraction and thus increase our vibration to be a match to all kinds of positive experiences. Authentic relationships, genuine belonging, inner peace, safety, finding your life purpose, financial abundance, any type of success you want. This process helps you release resistance to your desires from the root.

Location: Worldwide. I am available on Zoom.

Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin Chinese

Available Time: My current time zone is UTC+8 (Taipei City, Taiwan), 12pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Time zone converter please click here.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: €120 per session, 30-min free initial consultation available.

Booking Sessions In Package: 3 sessions (once per week), €320

Before booking sessions, please read through the liability waiver to decide if you agree what is stated. Proceeding to engage in sessions with Luna is consenting to what is stated in this liability waiver.

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The videos below are an introduction to this process and a demonstration of The Completion Process by Teal Swan herself.